6 Tips to Make Money at Markets

Spent way too much money last weekend on cocktails and have a wardrobe full of clothes you never wear? Grab yourself a market stall HERE and read our top 6 tips to make money at markets.

Invite your squad 

Sure, markets attract customers themselves but think of how many more potential sales you could be missing by not inviting your squad. Our markets have event pages that you can easily invite friends and family to.  Or you can easily share an image on your social media telling everyone you will be selling and when.

It’s easy to forget this step, but it is a HUGE reason why a lot of people either make a killing or go home empty handed.


Image: Giphy

Price your items BEFORE the market

Make sure you have priced your items before hitting up the market. No one wants to shop through a stall that doesn’t have price tags. It makes it super awkward when you have to ask how much something is, and no one wants to seem cheap if your price is too high to put it back. They just won’t ask.

If you CBF pricing every single item, make deals like ‘This rack $5‘, ‘All shoes $10‘, ‘Anything with red wine stains free!’. You catch the drift.


Image: Giphy

Organize your stock

You don’t have to colour code or item code your stall (although that does look AMAZING!) if you really don’t want to. But you need to make sure your stall is organized, tidy and easy to look through. If your racks or suitcases or whatever you have are overflowing, messy and unorganized, chances are no one is going to bother looking.

Simply categorizing price points or garment types is the easiest way to make your stall look super organized.


Image: Giphy

Bring the right amount of stock

Okay, so you have 50 pairs of shoes and 300 dresses you never wear anymore. But bringing everything that you own and overcrowding your stall won’t get you anywhere. Your stall will look crowded and uninviting, because really how are people going to look through your racks if it’s so packed the hangers don’t move?! If you can’t move a hanger and look at an item in all of it’s glory, then you have too much on your racks.

PRO TIP: If you really want to bring all of your stock, don’t put it all out at once. Re-fill your stall as you go through the day!


Image: Giphy


Seriously, the lack of signs we see at markets is CRAZY! How is anyone going to know that you have three items for $5 if you don’t tell people about it! Create signs that are simple, eye catching and clear to read to entice customers into your stall. Sure you may be a stall within a sea of other stalls, but if you use signs to bring the customers to you, you will be laughing all the way to the bank…or back to the bar, whichever.


Image: Giphy

Dress your stall to impress

When you are selling at a market, you need to think like you are a store front. You only have seconds to grab the attention of your customers, so you need to ensure your stall looks the part. Make sure your stock and signs are neat, throw away the million empty coffee cups (or use a Keepcup!) and make your stall look fun and inviting!


Image: Giphy

Act like you work retail

And what’s the number one rule of retail? Customer Service! Make sure you are giving your customers the full retail treatment.  You don’t need to go overboard but you can always see straight off the bat how the stalls that greet their customers and let them know about their sales/stock, do better than those that just sit in their chairs all day.

Be bright, bubbly and friendly and it will be far easier for you to make a sale!


Image: Giphy

Of course there are a million other factors to consider when you are selling at a market (weather, other events, time of year etc), but if you follow these top 6 tips then you will be heading towards wardrobe and financial freedom in no time!




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