Terms and Conditions


– All sellers must purchase a ticket to secure your stall prior to arrival. These tickets go on sale via our Website and links will be provided via Social Media.

– All sellers must supply the name of the person who will be checking in to the stall on the day. Please only put the name of the person who will be at the market first.

Sellers must also provide a contact email address that is checked frequently as this is the only way we can send updates and information prior to the day.


– Yes of course! You can share your stall with as many people as you can fit in your 2.5m x 2.5 space. If you need more space you MUST purchase another stall.


– Businesses are able to email wardrobewarriorsmarket@gmail.com and tell us what your business sells prior to purchasing a stall.

If we deem that you are suitable for our market and have all the correct insurance and permits you are then able to purchase a stall for the same price as the general public.


– All Wardrobe Warrior Stalls are $45 plus a $2.50 booking fee administered by our ticket provider.

– All Wardrobe Warrior Stalls MUST be pre-purchased using our ticket system.

– All sales are FINAL at Wardrobe Warriors and sellers do not have to give refunds for any item if they do not wish to.

– Wardrobe Warriors reserves the right to terminate a stall at any given time either before or during the market if sellers: threaten any member of Wardrobe Warriors or the general public, demonstrate lewd, disruptive or disrespectful behaviour to any member of Wardrobe Warriors or the general public, fail to comply with market terms and conditions, commit a criminal act whilst at our market, fail to attend and set up prior to designated time of market, fail to comply with ACCC regulations and rules.

– If Wardrobe Warriors is cancelled due to emergency, danger, weather conditions, disasters, safety, health concerns or other reasons that not in a reasonable control of Wardrobe Warriors organized (as deemed and only when announced by the Wardrobe Warriors organizers) sellers will be allocated to a new date for the market, if the new date is not accessible for sellers a full refund will be given minus booking fees.

– Wardrobe Warriors allows sellers to cancel their stall up to 7 days prior to market date. You will be refunded the full cost of your stall ($45) minus any booking fees. No refunds will be accepted after this date.

– Wardrobe Warriors allows sellers to transfer their stall to a future market date to be decided by Wardrobe Warriors up to 3 days prior to market date. No transfers will be accepted after this date.

– Sellers are able to transfer their stall to a friend or family member up to the market date if unable to attend the market date. Please ensure to email us at wardrobewarriorsmarket@gmail.com with an updated name for your stall and contact email address.

Please ensure to pass on any stall information to the new seller.

– Wardrobe Warriors is not responsible for selling or trying to find new stallholders past these cut off dates.

If you are unable to attend and are outside of the refund/transfer period and cannot find a new seller or transfer to a friend, all fees will be forfeited.

Non-attendance on the day of market is non-refundable.


– Wardrobe Warriors is for clothing, shoes and accessories for women, men, children and babies. These items can be brand new, worn but in good condition, handmade or vintage.

– If you are a business stall please ensure to contact Wardrobe Warriors at wardrobewarriorsmarket@gmail.com prior to purchasing a stall to let us know what you sell and if you have all correct insurances and permits.


– Sellers are prohibited from selling the following: used sleepwear, underwear or swimwear, makeup, cosmetics or fragrances. Sellers are also unable to sell children’s toys. The QLD Government, Office of Fair Trading, administers a range of national mandatory safety and information standards and bans for particular products supplied in the consumer marketplace, including weekend markets.

Standards apply to children’s toys, nightwear, cosmetics and care labeling on clothing and textiles. Full details of these regulated consumer products can be viewed and downloaded from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) website at http://www.productsafety.gov.au.

– Please also note the following banned sales, substances and activities:

– Second hand electrical products, animals, poisonous products, prescription medications, illegal or offensive items, firearms, ammunition, explosives, weapons or dangerous goods of any kind, cigarettes/alcohol/drugs and illegal drug-related products, the sale of lottery, art union or raffle tickets, the conducting of any guessing game, lucky dip, chocolate wheel, side-show, competition, or game of chance is prohibited.

– If you are a business stall please ensure to contact Wardrobe Warriors at wardrobewarriorsmarket@gmail.com prior to purchasing a stall to let us know what you sell and if you have all correct insurances and permits.

Sellers may not sell anything that may leak or contain fluids, nothing that may cause damage by being dragged across floors, no items that have legal restrictions upon their sale or disposal.


– Sellers will not be covered under public liability insurance if found to be selling any of the above items.


– Wardrobe Warriors holds current Public Liability insurance of $20,000,000.
All business stalls must hold Public Liability insurance of $10,000.00 specifying Market Stall.

– Business stalls selling Candles, Soaps, Beauty Products, Oils and Cosmetics that you have manufactured, imported, repacked must have both Product Liability and Public Liability.


– All sellers are responsible for their own stall security, monies and stock. No responsibility is taken by Wardrobe Warriors for theft, loss or damage.


– All sellers agree to set up their stalls in a safe and secure manner to ensure the safety of sellers, general public and Wardrobe Warriors team. Wardrobe Warriors reserves the right to remove anything from the market that is deemed unsafe.

– Wardrobe Warriors is not responsible for any injury or accidents caused by sellers due to negligence to conduct themselves or their stall safely.
In the event of an accident, injury or emergency Wardrobe Warriors has a safety procedure in place to ensure the incident is handled efficiently.

– Sellers and the general public are required to fill in an incident report if an incident occurs.

– Wardrobe Warriors has trained first aid officers on site at all markets and a first aid kit.


– All sellers stalls are designated on the market day by Wardrobe Warriors team. If you specifically need a certain space inside (close to an exit due to disability etc.) you MUST email wardrobewarriorsmarket@gmail.com up to 48 hours PRIOR to market date.

Failure to do so will result in being unable to request a certain stall space.

– All sellers stalls are the same size, 2.5m x 2.5m and are measured on the day by Wardrobe Warriors team. All sellers agree that by purchasing a ticket they are acknowledging this size.

No refunds are given because sellers were unaware of the size of stall.

– Sellers are given a clear space to set up their stall on hardwood floor. Sellers are able to bring their own racks, tables etc. to set up but MUST ensure that these items do not scratch, leave marks or damage the floor in any way at all. Items that have feet that are not covered/protected to ensure no damage are prohibited.

– Sellers are allowed to bring a rug or any other covering to place on the floor before setting up. If you need carpet squares Wardrobe Warriors can provide these.


This includes bags, racks, items and stock, boxes and boxes with wheels. The only item that may be pulled across the floor is racks that have wheels that are not plastic.

– All plastic containers or items with plastic wheels MUST be carried inside. Wardrobe Warriors reserves the right to terminate any stall that is deemed to be damaging the venue’s property.


– Please only bring along clothes that are in a good, saleable condition. No rips, tears, stains, smells, shrinkage, pulling etc.

– Wardrobe Warriors does not guarantee the sale of any of your items, it is up to you whether you deem an item saleable.

– Wardrobe Warriors does not guarantee how much money on any given market that any seller can or will make. Wardrobe Warriors provides a space and a platform to be able to sell items, however we are not responsible for whether or not a seller has a ‘good’ day.

– There are change rooms and bathrooms available at our venue and will be pointed out via signage.

– Racks are available for hire PRIOR to market day. Wardrobe Warriors only hires out racks at $15 per rack (1.5m long) with a $1.50 Booking fee.

Please do not take a rack on arrival if you have not booked one, and if you have Wardrobe Warrior team will allocate you a rack.

– Please check at what time we have allocated for your arrival and for setting up. Please ensure you do not pack down prior to closing of market unless there is an emergency.

– There are NO EFTPOS facilities on site at our market. Please ensure to bring adequate change.

-Please ensure to take ALL rubbish with you. Wardrobe Warriors reserves the right to BAN any seller who leaves behind rubbish.


-Wardrobe Warriors provides advertising in the form of signage, flyers, social media and online advertising and wherever possible media. Sellers are required to advertise their stalls on platforms such as Facebook, Gumtree, etc.

-Wardrobe Warriors is a MARKET EVENT and as such, we can never guarantee the turnout of any market event.

No refunds are given if a low attendance is recorded. It is the risk of having a market stall and by purchasing a sellers ticket all sellers are agreeing to this.